Web Solutions

Website Design and Development

We produce eye-catching, easily-navigable websites designed to create a strong impression on the visitor. But we can do much more than that: we can help increase awareness of your site on the web or integrate it with a wide selection of web applications, from database apps to e-commerce features. We can turn your site into a secure virtual network that employees can access from anywhere in the world. We can even host and maintain the site ourselves, leaving you free to concentrate on more important matters. Of course, all this comes with reliable customer and technical support.

Website Hosting

We offer powerful, secure virtual website hosting for your website. Windows and Linux platforms supported.


For when your website is your business. There are three types of e-commerce: C2C or consumer-to-consumer (such as eBay), B2C or business-to-consumer (such as Amazon), and B2B or business-to-business (such as Cisco).

We build e-commerce solutions tailored to fit your needs, with functionalities ranging from online catalogs and order processing to shopping carts and secure online payment, to all of the above. Powerful customer information management features can tell you about your buyers' browsing and purchasing habits, and can even customize your site to match those habits.


Extend your office network into the web. Inform, communicate and document at the speed of the internet. Place password-protected data and applications on your site for employees to access from anywhere in the world.

Online Marketing

Publicize your website and build consumer awareness for your business via personalized email campaigns and newsletters. Boost your website's search engine rankings with our search engine optimization and marketing strategy formulation services. Let us help you turn browser clicks into purchases and business transactions.

Web Portals

Success stories such as, and attest to the power of free web portals to link virtual communities and focus consumer interest. Find out what web portals can do for your business.

Domain Registration

Your domain name is much more that just your internet address - it's your unique brand fingerprint on the web. A short, catchy URL with good recall can make all the difference. Register your ideal domain name before someone else does!

Website Maintenance

So you've paid a good amount of money for your brand-new website. Now what?

Some companies opt to leave things as they are and invariably end up with stale, outdated content and catalogs full of old stocks. Others simply don't have enough time, resources or qualified personnel to do their own site maintenance. The result: site visitors receive a negative impression of the entire company!

Protect your investment - make sure your website stays fresh, relevant and up-to-date. We offer website maintenance packages at very reasonable prices.

Alternatively, you can also avail of our content management solutions to simplify your self-maintenance experience.

Content Management Solutions

Even if you aren't a graphic artist and you can't write a single line of HTML code, you can still maintain your own website with our user-friendly content management software. It's an easy, painless way to be your own webmaster.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a method to integrate data and processes of an organization or enterprise into one unified system or database. An ERP system, once implemented, can improve efficiency and productivity levels of an organization and help all aspects and processes of an organization work in harmony with each other. We can help you integrate your business processes in one system to make business processes easier, faster and more efficient for you.


With costs persistently on the rise and IT expertise diversifying away from established centers such as Silicon Valley and into Asia, there's never been a better time to outsource a project overseas.

Why Outsource?

Here are a few frequent answers companies give when asked why they chose to entrust their projects to third-party vendors or consultants:

  • They can do it cheaper. - Outsourcing can cut costs by up to 50%, with equivalent, if not better, results.
  • They can do it better. - Outsourcing allows a company to access expertise, talent and experience that its own personnel may not have.
  • They can do what we can't. - This is especially true for start-ups and new businesses that are struggling to gain their footing. Outsourcing can provide valuable guidance and aid.
  • It frees my people to focus on more important things. - Outsourcing gives you breathing room to focus on your core business, and frees up administrators that otherwise would have been bogged down by vital but labor-intensive tasks.
  • It provides opportunities for my staff to learn new skills and practices and gain technological know-how. - Interaction and collaboration with a greater pool of talent can help your personnel grow professionally by exposing them to a new level of getting things done.

Why the Philippines?

Competitive infrastructure for information and communication technology (ICT), complimented by IT-friendly government policies and incentives, have helped the Philippines rank second only to India as Asia 's premiere offshore outsourcing destination.

Living in a melting pot of cultures where East mixes heavily with West, Filipinos have developed a high degree of cultural sensitivity and familiarity with international business practices. The Filipino workforce boasts one of the highest English literacy rates in Asia - and the world.

In terms of qualifications, Filipino IT professionals are on a par with the best the world has to offer, a fact attested to by the long list of industry-leading companies that have set up shop here. To name a few: Microsoft, Accenture, Convergys, IBM, Canon, AOL, Sun Microsystems.

Media Services

Make sure your message hits home with Flash ® -based animations and stylish digital visuals, deployed over the web (as in Flash ® -enabled websites) or on portable media (such as CD-ROM catalogs or presentations).

We offer a wide range of graphic design services, including rich new media and company logo-making, as well as other corporate branding strategies.

Corporate Branding

It always pays to make a good impression, and at Adrien Multimedia we are prepared to help you do just that. Style up your corporate image with smart graphics and logo designs on your printed material and office paraphernalia. Put your best foot forward onto the world wide web with an eye-catching corporate or e-business website: design, development and hosting all taken care of by us.

We will assign the same team handling your account to take care of your corporate image needs. This maintains continuity and consistency throughout the development process, and it also means you'll be discussing with a smaller pool of people that you already know and are comfortable with.

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